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About Grundy's Shoes

Grundy’s Shoes has become an iconic family shoe store in Adelaide since opening in the late 1800’s. We are pleased to provide Australia with the world’s leading brands in comfort shoes and lifestyle footwear via our online shoe store.

At Grundy’s, we are passionate about footwear and know the importance of product knowledge. We pride ourselves on our personal service to make sure you are totally satisfied with your purchase, whether you're looking for walking shoes, comfort shoes, stylish ladies' boots or men’s shoes online or in-store.

Some of our popular shoe brands include Birkenstock, Frankie4, Ecco, Keen, Naot, Klouds, Ara, Merrell, Think, and Rieker. These are some of the big names in both style and comfort footwear, so come and check out our range for what will suit your lifestyle.

Grundy’s Shoes also look after problematic feet, so if you have bunions, corns, hammer toes or are in need of orthotics shoes or diabetic footwear, you will always be able to find a broad range to choose from.

If you are looking for quality men’s shoes or women’s shoes, look no further than Grundy's online shoe store. Our goal is simple: to give you the best possible advice and recommend the most appropriate footwear for your needs. Search by your favourite brands, comfort shoes, vegan shoes, uggs and slippers, and much more.

Whether you're coming into our Adelaide shoe store or shopping for shoes online, Grundy's Shoes stock a wide variety of styles from the best quality brands available, making our job easier and keeping your feet happier!

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