• Tips And Tricks From The Grundy's Shoes Team!


    This year, the Grundy’s Shoes family are celebrating our 150th year trading as a family business, which we’re pretty proud of! With some members of our team having worked at the store for over a decade, they’ve definitely learnt some handy tips and tricks along the way!

    We’re here to make your shoe shopping experience the best it can be, so we’ve asked a few of our staff members for any handy hints they have to give YOU to make your lives easier.

    One of our favourites is the good old ‘sock on the footbed’ trick! If you’ve seen the video we posted on our Grundy’s Shoes Facebook page, it’s a real winner!

    When wearing shoes that require low cut socks or no socks, you’re either constantly pulling up the socks as they slide down, or bearing the smell if you decide not to wear socks at all – right?? Well, have you tried putting the sock over the footbed (if it’s removable of course)? This way, you’ll still feel like you’re wearing socks, but instead of slipping down, they’ll stay put!


    Watch our video here to see a step-by-step of how it’s done.


    More tips and tricks from our staff….


    “If you’re going on an overseas trip, make sure you think ahead and purchase the shoes you’ll need in advance. This saves the last-minute stress of finding travel-appropriate shoes, and if they require wearing in, you’ll have time to do so.”


    • We get our new season shoes in at least a few months before that season actually starts, so don’t wait until mid-way through Winter to find your Winter shoes as there’s probably not going to be much stock left!



    “When you come in to try on any closed in shoes, bring your favourite pair of socks to try them on with. You’ll be much more comfortable wearing your own socks, and you’ll know how they feel in the shoes before purchasing them!”



    “When you go travelling, pop a few loose (sealed) strips of band aids underneath the inner sole of your shoes. If you happen to get a blister, you’ll have some ready to go!”



    “After applying polish to your shoes and letting it settle in, run an old stocking across it a few times to buff it up and give it that extra shine – it comes up a treat!”



    “Keep the shoeboxes of your winter boots (or any shoes for that matter), and put tissue paper in the box. At the end of the season, wipe down the boots and stuff them with tissue paper before putting them away. This keeps them looking brand new!”


    “If you have a special occasion (wedding, christening etc) bring in a photo of your outfit to help us find the perfect shoes to complement it!”


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  • Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas


    Yes, Christmas may only be five days away, but you’ve still got time to pop in to one of our stores and get a last-minute gift for that special someone!

    Whether it’s your girlfriend, wife, husband, dad, mum, or next-door neighbour, a pair of shoes are the type of gift that won’t be hidden away in the closet because the person didn’t really want them… shoes are an investment, and we’ve got plenty to choose from here at Grundy’s Shoes!




    You can’t go past a pair of FRANKiE4’s, and the look on her face when she slides open the box on Christmas morning will make it all worth it.


    Our casual sneaker range is the most popular, as they can be worn anywhere and at any time - to work, on a night out, and around the house. They are the perfect addition to any outfit, and can be paired with a dress in Summer, or a pair of jeans in Winter, and of course, they are packed with heel and arch support. They also have a Podiatrist and Physiotherapist designed footbed, that comes with a custom fit pack to adjust the fit of the shoe to your needs. 


    Our NAT come in a range of cool colours, including classic crisp white, and the new blush punched, which is SO on trend!


    She can be worn with or without laces, it’s up to you!

    ELLiE is also a winner. She has an asymmetrically designed toe-box to complement the foot’s natural shape and movement, so will fit almost any kind of foot! The sleek silver colour, and the tan punched are a popular choice, for something casually chic and comfy.


    Shop in store now, and pick them up for $229.00.


    If she likes more of a ‘sporty look’ go for the JENNi. She’s super luxe and comfy, and again, can be paired with almost anything. She comes in trendy black and gold perforated styles for $234.00.




    We’re in the middle of event and party season, and if she’s been mentioning that she needs a new pair of heels, we’ve got you covered. Silver Lining’s Ruby in Black is classic. With a block heel, side zip and trendy peep toe, she gives enough coverage so there’ll be no slipping out of the heels as she walks. Oh, and they feel like you’re walking on clouds. Bonus!

    Grab a pair for $179.00.


     Silver Lining Ruby




    Does he complain that he can’t find casual shoes that are comfortable AND stylish? Look no further than a pair of ECCO Soft 7’s.

    They come in a range of colours, have a full-grain leather upper, and a removable leather-covered inner sole with ECCO Comfort Fibre System ECCO Comfort Fibre System™ to provide a cool, hygienic environment as well.

    BEWARE: He may want to wear them to bed.

    ECCO Soft 7 Men

    Shop in store now, with prices starting from $150.00.

    For something a bit dressier, a pair of ECCO Harold in Cognac is a good choice.

    ECCO Harold

    The cognac colour is something different to your usual black dress shoe, but not to worry, because it will still go with a nice suit, or a dress shirt and pants. It has contrast stitching to add in a bit of detail, and a removable leather inner sole with ECCO Comfort Fibre System™ for increased air circulation, so there’ll be no more sweaty feet!

    Shop in store now, and grab a pair for $189.00.




    You can’t go wrong with a pair of Birkenstocks, and they’re selling like hotcakes here at Grundy’s. Not only are Birkenstock known for making some of the most comfortable shoes in the world (your feet mould to the footbed which makes them feel practically like slippers) but they’ve also become a global trend, seen on the catwalks and on some of the big-name celebrities.

    Made of high quality materials, each contour in a Birkenstock footbed is precisely placed to stretch, flex and move naturally, so your feet benefit from free movement, constant exercise and improved circulation, resulting in long lasting comfort and better health. Good for your feet, stylish, and comfortable? That’s a perfect combo in our eyes.

    Have a look at our range, starting from $67.00

    Birkenstock Arizona



    ECCO’s Offroad Sandal comes in both men and women’s sizes and is definitely a best seller here at Grundy’s.

    Perfect for outdoor wear, this performance sandal is made with a sturdy nubuck upper, and a lightweight specially designed tread pattern for optimum comfort. Its rubber sole provides superior grip and traction on outdoor terrain, so you don’t always have to wear clunky hiking boots.

    Check out our range of colours, at $199.00.


    Finally, Merry Christmas! xx

  • The Gentlemen's Guide To Dress Shoes


    In men’s fashion, the importance of footwear with an outfit is often ‘forgotten’, or at least a last-minute decision. Instead of it being just as big a part of gentleman’s attire as their outfit, it seems to be more of an obligation.

    What defines a modern gentleman is the ability to dress to the occasion, and we give you the tips on how to do just that! Never underestimate the statement your appearance has!

  • New Season, New Shoes!


    As we head into the warmer seasons (yay!) it’s time to update the shoe-robe! Let’s be honest, even if we didn’t need any more shoes, we’d buy some anyway!

    Whether you’re looking for a pair of shoes for an event, to wear down the beach, or to take travelling, we’ve got you sorted.


    You’ve been invited to an event, and you want to look stylish, but still be super comfortable at the same time, right? Well ladies, look no further than FRANKiE4’s Cate. You’re probably looking at her 8cm heel and thinking, “Surely they wouldn’t be comfortable!” Well guess what, she is! Not only does she look amazing with almost any outfit, but she’s Podiatrist and Physiotherapist designed, and has a built-in triple density functional footbed with heel support, arch support and ‘sweet spot’ forefoot cushioning, so your feet will be thanking you by the end of the day!


    Men, we haven’t forgot about you don’t worry! You can’t go past NAOT’s Chief.

    Stylish, comfortable and classy, CHIEF is everything you want in a dress shoe! Made from fine Italian leather, you know these bad boys are of the highest quality, and they’re versatile enough to be paired with both corporate and casual wear.




    From t-shirts and shorts, to flowy dresses, Summer isn’t Summer without sunshine & Birkenstocks.

    In recent years, they’ve gone from just a comfort shoe to a worldwide fashion trend. I mean, why wouldn’t they? They’re made with the highest quality materials to ensure an optimum level of comfort and durability, and there are loads of different styles and colours available.

    Not sure which style to get? Don’t worry, there’s plenty to choose from. Arizona, Mayari and Gizeh are a few of our favourites! Fancy a pair in patent leather? What about a shiny metallic pair? The choices are endless!

    Here, we explain how to fit your new Birkenstocks.



    Whoever said style is sacrificed for comfort has never tried FRANKiE4! Once you step into a pair of ELLiE’s, you’ll know what we mean! Not only are they super stylish, they’re comfy too – with hidden heel support, arch support and forefoot cushioning, so you’ll feel like you’re wearing slippers. Literally. They also come with a fit-pack, which includes an option of a full-length footbed, half-length footbed, and forefoot cushions, to cater for narrow, regular, wide and extra wide feet.

    ECCO’s Soft 7 Men tick all the boxes for having both style and comfort. The ECCO Comfort Fibre System keeps feet feeling fresh all day long, and the soft, durable leather means lasting comfort. Orthotic friendly footwear that supports following the wife around the shopping centre!



    Having the right footwear when you travel really makes a difference! If you’re going somewhere hot and humid, you don’t always want to have to lug around a chunky hiking boot. So why not go for a travel sandal instead?

    The KEEN Whisper is waterproof, has washable polyester webbing upper for odour control, quick dry mesh lining, and patented toe protection, making it breathable, and sturdy enough to take you from bush to beach. It has a quick draw elastic cord lacing system which adjusts for a comfortable and secure fit, and a non-marking rubber sole for steady grip on a variety of surfaces and to combat a range of activities, including hiking and water sports.


    Photo credit: @shaysshoes

    For men, the KEEN Newport sandal is a winner. It’s versatile and comfy, and has hydrophobic mesh lining that dries quickly, which is perfect if you’re on a boat or kayaking and constantly getting your feet wet. They also have KEEN.PROTECT toe guards, and a non-marking rubber sole for ultimate grip, so it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you’ll have enough traction to tackle any terrain.

    Check out our full range of shoes here.

  • How To Fit My New Birkenstocks


    Over the past few years, Birkenstock have gone from just a comfort shoe, to a global fashion trend - and we aren't complaining! Combining comfort with style are two of our favourite things here at Grundy's Shoes, so we're all for it!

    Birkenstocks are made in Germany, using only the best products and materials, and their tradition of quality craftsmanship goes back more than 225 years.

    Birkenstocks also have their own unique contoured footbed, shock-absorbing soles, and specially designed buckles for ultimate comfort and durability.

    Here, we're going to explain the different Birkenstock sizings, and give you all the advice on how to fit your Birkenstocks perfectly!


    While we all know that the length of a shoe is essential to knowing if it fits or not, the width of a shoe doesn’t get as much attention. But it should!

    You see, if your shoe is too tight in the area around the balls of your feet, it presses against your metatarsophalangeal joints - which isn’t just painful, but over time could lead to misalignments too. Ouch! But on the other hand, if the shoes are too loose, your heel will lift up from the shoe, your foot will slide forward and your toes will push against the front of the shoe. Not good!

    Everyone’s feet are different, and while most shoe manufacturers only offer a standard width, Birkenstock offer their footbed in two separate widths – regular and narrow.

    This makes it a whole lot easier to ensure you have the correct shoe size in both length and width, so that your foot is held in place at its widest point, without constricting it.  As foot size changes over the course of the day as a result of pressure (true fact!) it’s also important to make sure you have enough room on the sides when trying them on!

    Look for these symbols when choosing your shoes.

    Birkenstock uppers are also adapted to each deep footbed width, and because the straps are fully adjustable, your shoe will be tailored perfectly to your feet.


    It’s important to measure your foot properly, to ensure you have the right size shoe.

    To work out the size and width you’ll need, follow these steps:

    Measure the length of your foot by standing on a flat surface with your full weight on your foot, then measure the distance from the back of your heel to the tip of your longest toe.

    Add 10mm to your foot length to allow your foot room to move. This will give you the footbed length you need to find your size.

    Measure the width of your foot across the widest point.

    Compare your foot width measurement to the footbed length below, to see if you will need a narrow or regular width.

      Example: Julie's foot measures 240mm long and 95mm wide. Julie adds 10mm to her foot's length to find she will fit comfortably into a Size 39 (250mm Footbed Length). At that size, the Regular Width footbed of 97mm will fit her foot properly.




      For more sizing info, visit www.birkenstock.com.au/sizing



      When you buy your Birkenstocks, make sure there’s a few millimetres of space in the heel and toe areas – you’ll need this space for a natural rolling motion of the foot.

      Here’s how to adjust your Birkenstock model.

      1. Undo all of the straps and place your foot inside the footbed, making sure your heels are all the way back in the heel cups, with a few millimetres of space at the front. Your feet should be nestled in the footbed – not resting on the inside or outside of the footbed edge.

      2. Close the straps so they are snug, but don’t sit too tightly on the feet. You should leave a little extra space for your toes and about 5mm on each side of your feet, so your feet aren’t constricted when you walk. If you can wiggle one finger between the strap and your foot – you’ve got it!

      3. After adjusting your Birkenstocks, take a few steps. If your feet can move freely when you walk, and don’t push against the edge of the footbed, they are the correct size and width for you. Yay! When you start walking, the contours of the footbed should correspond to your own arches, and the toe bar should fit comfortably beneath your toes.


      TIP - If your Birkenstocks are a bit stiff at first, gently flex them with your hands, or on the floor, to soften them up.

      And that's it! Enjoy your Birkenstocks!

      To view our range of Birkenstocks, click here.