Who has come in to one of our Grundy's Shoes stores, looking for a pair of shoes for a holiday? Whether it's a pair of non-slip boots for trekking in Iceland, or a pair of comfy (and stylish) shoes for walking the streets of Rome, we have something for everyone!

We absolutely love when customers' return from their holiday and tell us how much they loved their shoes! In saying that, we love ANY story customers have about their shoes... it doesn't even have to be holiday related!

PS: If you've got a photo in your shoes, even better! x

We've reached out to our customers via social media and a newsletter to ask for any stories they want to share, and here's what we've got so far!


My husband and I went into Grundy's Rundle Mall store, looking for a shoe for our African Safari trip. He ended up buying the KEEN hiking boot and he wore them non-stop, even through gorilla trekking in Uganda! They served him well, and  he said they are the best most comfortable boots - thanks Grundy's!


I bought my ECCOs last year prior to a European holiday in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Greece and now on my second holiday with them I wear them all the time, and my feet are always comfortable. They are especially the best for cobble stone roads in the Greek islands!



We went in to Grundy's Rundle St to get some shoes for our trip to Italy. We were advised to buy Frankie 4’s for the girls and I got a pair of Merrells. Thank you for the advice, they all were very comfortable.



My story is not about travelling overseas or even interstate, it's about finally finding a pair of shoes that are so comfortable you hardly know there is something wrapped around your feet. I found THE pair of shoes when I was NOT looking for shoes a few weeks ago in the Rundle Street store. ECCO shoes take the prize - and they were reduced to an affordable investment. Thanks, girls for showing them to me. I thank you every time I put them on and walk out the door.


In June I purchased these sandals from your Rundle Street store, walked all over Singapore, Florence, Rome and Cinque Terre, Athens and the Greek Islands, Munich and Frankfurt, and Bangkok. My feet were comfortable all the way, and the sandals still look like new with no visible wear on the soles! Thank you Grundy's and Revere!

Diana's Revere sandals that have travelled all over the world!


I travelled overseas earlier this year, and prior to leaving purchased some Ecco Yak skin shoes. I was so impressed with the weight, comfort and style of these shoes, wore them almost exclusively. We joked that if I was mugged overseas, it would be for my shoes.


Got a pair of Birkenstock from Grundy's Shoes  What great service!! My Birkenstocks and I have crossed the Nullarbor two times together, happy feet and happy me!!


I bought a pair of Ara Munchen boots from you in January 2016, specifically to travel to Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Austria in Winter. I also took the boots to Japan in February 2018. They are hands down the best boots I have ever had. Warm, waterproof, comfortable and stylish. I wear them with both jeans and skirts, and they look great. I plan to travel again next Northern Winter and the boots will be coming with me again. I'll keep wearing them until they drop. Well worth the investment.


Anna in her ARA MUNCHEN boots in Vilinius Lithuania.


On Miyajima Island, Japan.

And here is another customer, Julienne, in her KEEN PRESIDIO shoes at the airport!



Thanks for the great advice! Only pair of shoes I packed. Walked 16km in Barcelona and at least 10km most other days without a hitch!

Lyn in her Josef Seibel sandals in Alhambra Granada, Spain.


I bought some KEEN walking boots for a holiday with my son in Singapore and Malaysia. We walked all day and every day and I blessed my shoes which were comfortable (no blisters) and dependable. I still wear the bushwalking and on my volunteer day at Monarto Zoo!


We planned to go last December to visit some Christmas Markets in Europe  and the UK. I decided that I would need a pair of warm boots and a friend recommended that I check out Grundys shoes. I found the perfect ones. They are ARA brand with a zip front, warm lining and fur trim. The young man who served me was very helpful and the boots fitted perfectly. I would have bought a larger size but the young man assured me that the size smaller would be right. He was correct! Thank goodness I didn't buy the larger size. 

When we landed in Amsterdam it was snowing! We had packed our boots near the top of our suitcase so we were able to have warm, dry feet straight away. When we returned to Australia in early January it was very hot and I couldn't  imagine that I'd get another chance to wear my boots but I have worn them constantly all winter here in South Australia.


Bought my Frankie4’s for a trip to Italy, walked about 12kms each day and they were very comfortable, wore them everywhere, made the mistake of wearing sandals for one day and ended up with blisters!


Many years ago (about 10 years) I got plantar fasciitis in Barcelona. I do a massive amount of walking around city centres , art galleries and museums when overseas. After the trip and trying insoles etc I bought Merrell Moab shoes from Grundy's Shoes Adelaide CBD. I think I walked out of the shop with them on. I have not bought any other shoe since and have made several trips overseas and one day I walked 25,000 pain free steps.

Lyn: Staff member Lyn has travelled all over the world in her FRANKiE4 ELLiE's!


Lyn most recently went to the snow farm in Queenstown, New Zealand, wearing her ARA Munchen boots. Look how deep in the snow they go!



Heather in her FRANKiE4 ELLiE's, enjoying the view in Sapa Vietnam. She wore them all day and her feet were still comfortable at the end of the day!


I was heading to Tasmania for a 5 week caravan holiday. I did not have the room to take too many shoes! But I knew I would be doing quite a bit of walking and sightseeing. My “runners” are comfortable but had seen better days! So I wanted something that was comfortable but “classy”.
The Grundy's staff recommended Frankie 4 “Ellie”. BEST ADVICE! They are now well worn as are my Frankie 4 “Hannah”.


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