Don't let this weather get you down in the dumps, because it means it's slipper season, and you’ve got to admit, there’s nothing better than slipping on a pair of toasty warm loafers or woolen ugg boots!

We spend so long on our feet during the day that it’s easy to forget to look after them when we get home.

We've got a selection of slippers and ugg boots for you to choose from here at Grundy's Shoes, and there's something for everyone!


Slippers with a velcro strap are suitable for older people who may need more security in their slipper.

The PANDA EMEE has a synthetic wool top line for an ‘ugg-boot’ style and flexible sole for extra comfort, whereas the CELIA RUIZ WALLABY has a breathable mesh fabric upper with wide with for extra cushioning, and is made with Resistex® silver which is 100% natural and non-toxic and antibacterial. The GROSBY LILIAN has a velvet upper and is a classic indoor slipper choice.

All come with a velcro strap across the instep to keep the feet nice and secure.

         PANDA - EMEE               CELIA RUIZ - WALLABY          GROSBY - LILIAN 



We have a few 'slip-on' slippers to choose from. The EMU AMITY, which has a premium suede and Australian sheepskin upper and comes with a decorative drawstring, which has more of the stylish moccasin look.

The EMU EDEN makes our feet warm just by looking at them! Again, they have 100% Australian sheepskin upper for extra warmth and comfort, and its wool footbed will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Finally, the classic EUROFLEX KOALA is a staple that we keep here at Grundy’s. It’s removable insole is washable up to 40 degrees to keep footwear looking and smelling fresh, and the synthetic sole provides underfoot torsional support.

         EMU – AMITY                           EMU – EDEN               EUROFLEX – KOALA


And a big welcome to our new ugg boot brand – EMU!


Emu Australia was named and inspired by the Australian animal, the emu. They stand tall and proud, move forward quickly, and don’t go backwards. EMU was chosen as the brand name to reflect their values, and so, the EMU symbol, reflects the footprint of an emu.

EMU Australia ugg boots are water resistant, and made with 100% Australian Sheepskin. Australian sheepskin is thick and soft  so you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

The lining is made from Australian Merino wool, which is soft, warm and naturally plush. It’s a completely natural fibre, which is insulating, aids breathability and contributes to odour resistance.

The Woolmark logo is a registered trademark of The Woolmark Company, which is owned by Australian Wool Innovation.

The Woolmark indicates that EMU products have been independently tested as high quality woollen products.

EMU products that display the Woolmark symbol have been quality tested by the Woolmark company for compliance with its performance and fibre content (Woolmark indicates 100% wool).


Everyone’s favourite – ugg boots! EMU supply our range of ugg boots, in which we stock the STINGER MINI, STINGER LO, and STINGER HI.

         STINGER MINI                          STINGER LO                          STINGER HI


All three styles are water resistant, and made with 100% Australian sheepskin upper for extra warmth and comfort, as well as 100% Australian Merino Wool lining.

They have durable rubber soles for flexibility, durability and traction on a variety of surfaces.



Sizes are listed as a US M (Men’s) – US W (Women’s) sizing. Please only go by your US size.



The trusty ugg boot doesn’t need much looking after! If they get dirty, let the dirt dry and then brush it off. It’s best not to wash your boots or put them in the washing machine.

If you do want to protect them with something though, we sell the Waproo Ugg Boot Protector, which is a water-based, eco-friendly water & stain protector.


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