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When assessing a patient, your Podiatrist will not only look at your feet, but rather take into account all parts of your body from the ground up, such as your knees, hips and back. Your feet are your base of support, they carry all your weight and therefore a whole body approach needs to be taken into consideration when treating your aches and pains.

It is a common myth that Podiatrists can only diagnose and assess foot conditions. There is in fact much they can help with!!  Podiatrists spend 4 years at University studying the whole lower limb, enabling them to look at how your body functions as a whole. Your feet tell us a story about you. Sometimes it can be small signs and symptoms that show up on your feet that can lead us to identify systemic overall health conditions not just related to your lower limb or feet.

It is essential to ensure your feet are not only getting the care they deserve, but also the home they deserve. 

Given the importance of foot health and the impact our feet have on our whole body, we have asked our Podiatrists for their top tips for choosing your new shoes, including their favourite selections from the Grundy's Shoes Summer range.

Below is a footwear checklist of some important points to think about when choosing a comfortable and supportive shoe.

Heel Counter:

The heel counter is the back piece of your shoe that sits behind your heel. We are looking for a firm heel counter to aid in rearfoot support.


It is important for your shoes to bend and twist in the right places. A supportive shoe will only bend at the front of the shoe where your toes are, they should not be able to twist, especially down the middle of your shoe. The middle of your shoe is what supports your arch, remember.  

Width, Depth and Length:

At the front of your shoe where your toes sit, we look for 3 things:

  1. Shoe width - remember those annoying bunions increase the width needed for a comfortable fit and to prevent it getting worse!!
  2. Shoe length - hot tip: always fit to the longest toe!
  3. Shoe depth - to accommodate any clawing of the toes


When purchasing shoes, you want to look for a pair that can be adjustable with a tightening and loosening mechanism to ensure an adequate custom fit for your feet. Laces, Velcro and buckles allow for the shoe to be adjusted as required.

Removable Innersole:

Shoes with removable innersoles are fabulous, as they allow us to play around with the depth and width of a shoe to fit your foot, and keep you in the styles you desire. They also mean we can use a flexible custom orthotic in your shoes to provide you with additional comfort and support.

Here are Custom Podiatry Services top picks from Grundy's this Summer:


1-  ECCO - 430003 - SOFT 7 WOMEN


  • Full-grain leather upper for breathability
  • A pop of colour
  • Adequate support and control
  • Orthotic friendly


      2- TAOS - Luvie

      • Adequate ankle and forefoot support
      • Flexible Arch contoured innersole
      • Cushioned sole
      • Leather upper for breathability

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        3- WONDERS - F7303 - PLUS V20

        • Leather upper for breathability
        • Slip on closure with small elasticised inner gusset and adjustable buckle for easy on-off wear
        • Leather lining
        • Padded insole comfort

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          1- ECCO - 430004 - SOFT 7 MEN

          • Full-grain leather upper for breathability
          • Lace up closure for a secure adjustable fit
          • Sole is flexible, durable and has traction on a variety of surfaces
          • Suitable for orthotics

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            2- MERRELL - Sandspur Backstrap Leather

            • Full grain leather upper for breathability
            • Four adjustable Velcro straps for easy on-off wear and adjustability
            • antimicrobial agents reduces shoe odour
            • Moulded arch contoured footbed

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              3- KILDARE - Tomahawk

              • Lace up closure for a secure adjustable fit
              • Handmade by several hands and goes through natural leather cutting, sewing and assembly
              • Removable highly padded insole for superior comfort
              • Suitable for orthotics
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                If you are still unsure and want some advice on purchasing some new shoes, or you are wondering if your current footwear is the right shoe for you, book an appointment and come see one of our Podiatrists today for a footwear review.

                Grundy's also have expert fitters who are more than happy to help choose the right shoe for you!

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                • Posted On September 06, 2022 by Mats Wolff

                  Due to some calluses on his feet that he wants to get rid of, my son wants to see a foot doctor. Your statement that it’s crucial for your shoes to flex and twist in the appropriate locations is one I agree with. Thanks for the advice on selecting the best shoes, and I’m hoping to get my son in to see a reputable physician soon.

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