Birkenstocks have taken the world by storm, not just because they’re good for your feet and super comfortable, but they’re now a massive trend among celebrities, and younger generations.

Unlike most sandals, the Birkenstock footbed is contoured to match the shape of a healthy foot, and designed to support the natural shape of the foot. We have many different styles to choose from, made of different materials, different footbeds, widths and colours, as well as our new Vegan style in the Arizona and Mayari.

Below are the styles of Birkenstock we stock, to try and make your decision of which ones to get a little easier!



A new addition, the Birkenstock Amsterdam is the perfect house shoe. We stock it in either a Birko-Felt or nubuck leather upper, and they are available in regular and narrow width, in a selection of colours. They are a complete slip on shoe, with no option for adjustment.

The Amsterdam is perfect as a cosy, house slipper.



Our most popular Birkenstock style is the Arizona. This unisex sandal has two adjustable straps that allow for a custom fit – also available in both regular and narrow widths. There is a variety of colours to choose from, including the smooth leather styles, suede, oiled leather, and also the lightweight EVA.

The most popular style Birkenstock, Arizona, in Black and White.


This unisex classic clog slip on style comes in a smooth leather, suede leather and oiled leather and has a strap across the instep to create the perfect fit. We also stock this in both regular and narrow fit.

Boston in Habana Brown. 


Gizeh is the women’s classic thong sandal which naturally surrounds the toes with its deep footbed. It has an adjustable strap, and we stock these in regular and narrow widths, with a variety of different styles, including the smooth leather, metallic, oiled leather, and the lightweight EVA plastic style.

Gizeh in Silver can brighten up any outfit.



The London was one of Birkenstock’s first closed-toe styles, a clog with an adjustable buckle strap. It is made using the highest grade leather, between 2.8 and 3mm thick. We stock the London in the black oiled leather in both a narrow and regular fit.  


Birkenstock London.



Our second most popular style Birkenstock, the Mayari, is a multi-strap design, with an extra security cross-strap and toe loop for both comfort and style. It has two adjustable straps, and comes in the narrow and regular fit. Again, we have a range of colours to choose from, in smooth leather, oiled leather and a metallic finish.

Mayari in Habana Brown.



Suitable for a variety of professions with its raised heel section, the Profi Birki provides the feet with both protection and grip. Popular in kitchens and restaurants, the smooth surface is oil, grease water and dirt resistant. Available in just the regular width, in a classic black.


The Profi Birki can be worn in kitchens and restaurants.


Similar to the Profi Birki, the Super Birki is a slip on clog style with the same smooth surface, it just isn’t as deep, and doesn’t have the high back, nor is the sole completely non-slip. For this reason, it’s not recommended for professional use, but is ideal for domestic use such as in the garden or around the home.



Our latest addition is the Yara, which you may have seen celebrities wearing. They have that bohemian Byron Bay feel, with the wrap around ankle strap that is adjustable, as well as a secure toe loop and another buckle on the instep. We stock Yara in a narrow and regular fit.

Birkenstock Yara has all those boho vibes.


Another slipper/house shoe, the Zermatt is made with a complete wool felt upper, and is available in the narrow width. This style has a removable footbed, making the upper easy to wash. Longitudinal arch support runs along the sides of the footbed, providing stability with each step, and transverse arch support runs through the middle of the footbed, helping ensure proper alignment and a solid stance. We stock these in a dark and light grey.

A stylish house shoe option with a button embellishment.

Need helping finding the right size for you? Check out our article on how to fit your Birkenstocks here.


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