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Your flight is booked, your accommodation is sorted...

And now comes the eventual task for your next adventure - packing your bags! No thank you! If you've been thinking to yourself, "what are the most comfortable shoes to wear?", "is there such a thing as cute travelling shoes?," "how much do they cost?", or "I don't want to look like I’m wearing ‘comfort’ shoes!", then you can ease your mind. Grundy's Shoes has all kinds of great travelling shoes! From sandals for the streets of Prague to hiking boots for the snowy mountains in Switzerland, you'll find exactly what you need for your next big adventure!



If you're escaping the winter months, you're going to need sandals but many of them don't have sufficient support for the walking that comes with travel. In the heat, sandals are great because they are comfortable, give your toes a breath of fresh air and can give your skirts and dresses a little flair! Grundy’s Shoes stock a variety of walking sandals and continue to stock a small range throughout the winter months so that you’re never left searching for your next fresh pair for your summer holiday.



What pair can you wear for walking, exploring, breakfast and beyond? Lace-up shoes are great because they are easy to adjust when your feet double in size after 10 hours of sightseeing! These are the shoes you'll be wearing majority of the time so they need to be comfortable without sacrificing your personal style. Grundy’s Shoes stock a wide variety of stylish lace up shoes all year round so that you’ll always have the choice from the best of the best.



If you're going to be in a cold zone, a pair of boots are a must-have! Dress boots can look sharp & chic with jeans or tights but if you're planning on an active hiking adventure, stick to ankle support & built-in technology for ultimate comfort. Here at Grundy’s, you can find a wide supply of walking/dress boots throughout our winter months and a small range throughout our Summer months; you’ll even find a selection of waterproof boots for your convenience.



This one really depends on what type of holiday you're planning. Generally, for travel shoes, three is the magic number. Packing just three pairs of shoes for your vacation will seem an impossible challenge, but shoes take up way too much room in your luggage so choose wisely! In the end, it comes down to a combination of shoes for each trip. Going to Italy in the fall? We'd take comfortable boots, lace up walking/hiking shoes & cosy flats. Heading to Brazil in Summer? We'd take exploring sandals, lace up walking/hiking shoes & Birkenstocks! It's all about customising your outfits to suit your style of holiday.



Be sure to break in any travel shoes before you leave. Wear them around the town a couple of times for extended periods of time. The last thing you want is for your comfortable shoes to give you uncomfortable blisters.


When travelling, your feet are essential, literally taking you everywhere you go, so it pays to invest in supportive, quality walking shoes from Grundy's Shoes.


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