• Are Birkenstocks worth it?


    You’ve all heard of them; you may even own a pair or two already; but the main question everyone focuses on; “Are Birkenstocks worth it?”

    Originating in 1774, the iconic German shoe manufacturer was brought to the US in 1966, Birkenstock sandals became heavily associated with hippies and ‘Flower Children’ in the 1970’s. Introduced to high fashion in the early 90’s by supermodels and actors; the demand for the iconic core sandal has increased significantly.


    Con: Sizing

    We understand the sizing of Birkenstocks can be daunting for a new customer, our staff have extensive knowledge and years’ experience in fitting footwear to ensure for the best fit. On our website and social media, you will find Birkenstock Shopping Guides & Size guides for extra help, with a trouble-free return experience if the wrong size was purchased. Note, the Birkenstocks are available in a regular and narrow width, the regular has an outlined foot illustration on the innersole whereas the narrow fit has a filled foot illustration.


    Pro: They are unbelievably comfortable!

    Birkenstock use premium quality cork to provide orthopaedic contours of the feet, for maximum comfort. Cork is a natural, lightweight and shock absorbent material that derives from the cork oak trees, which is completely renewable. Firstly, the cork footbed can be quite tough at first; wearing them around the house is a great and easy to way to allow the cork to mould and shape with every step.

    For those who find the initial ‘wearing in’ stage of Birkenstocks, here at Grundy’s Shoes we offer various styles with a Soft Footbed. The Soft Footbed is padded with an anatomically pre-formed foam insert, this is made up of tiny air bubbles that contribute to a softer and unique wearing experience.


    Pro: They are long lasting!

    The natural materials of Birkenstocks allow a hot and cold insulating effect to promote a healthy foot climate for overall foot health and long-lasting footwear. These materials allow for all day wear as the natural cork footbed will not deteriorate with age; for older pairs of Birkenstocks that need some TLC, you are able to get them resoled at Birkenstock approved repairers.


    Con: Pricing $

    Birkenstocks pricing varies due to the materials used, from EVA rubber, synthetic leather, Vegan, Suede, Oiled and Smooth leathers; the pricing of Birkenstocks can vary from $91, all the way to $320. For the following reasons, we can assure you they are popular and priced for the right reasons!



    Pro: Fashionable & Comfortable for work & home!

    Here, at Grundy’s Shoes we stock a range of Birkenstocks in both core and seasonal collections, including work approved footwear for various industries such as healthcare, hospitality, and fashion. We stock core styles that are available to shop all year round, with the option to shop our limited-edition seasonal styles that are often brighter colours and unique designs for Birkenstock lovers!


    Ensuring an optimum level of comfort and support, healthcare workers often go for Boston, London & Linz as they are our closed toe styles and allow for protection in a medical environment and meet the requirements of most healthcare dress codes. Our Super Birki & Profi Birki styles are made from Polyurethane which allows for a waterproof upper and a non-abrasive and slip resistant outsole, perfect for Professional use.


    For those wearing their Birkenstocks around the house and running errands, we stock various colours and materials to suit your personal style. The Zermatt, Amsterdam (restock coming soon!) and Shearling Suede ranges are perfect for around the house; allowing your feet to be comfortable, supported whilst the soft uppers are gentle and breathable on the skin. The classic Arizona ‘two strap’ sandal style, is often paired with denim for a minimalist and timeless look for both men and women.


    Please note: Stock and styles vary between each Grundy’s Shoe stores. There has been a worldwide shortage of Birkenstocks since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have Birkenstock deliveries at all times of the year. Sign up to our Newsletter and keep an eye out on our social media for all restock updates.

  • Tips And Tricks From The Grundy's Shoes Team!


    This year, the Grundy’s Shoes family are celebrating our 150th year trading as a family business, which we’re pretty proud of! With some members of our team having worked at the store for over a decade, they’ve definitely learnt some handy tips and tricks along the way!

    We’re here to make your shoe shopping experience the best it can be, so we’ve asked a few of our staff members for any handy hints they have to give YOU to make your lives easier.

    One of our favourites is the good old ‘sock on the footbed’ trick! If you’ve seen the video we posted on our Grundy’s Shoes Facebook page, it’s a real winner!

    When wearing shoes that require low cut socks or no socks, you’re either constantly pulling up the socks as they slide down, or bearing the smell if you decide not to wear socks at all – right?? Well, have you tried putting the sock over the footbed (if it’s removable of course)? This way, you’ll still feel like you’re wearing socks, but instead of slipping down, they’ll stay put!


    Watch our video here to see a step-by-step of how it’s done.


    More tips and tricks from our staff….


    “If you’re going on an overseas trip, make sure you think ahead and purchase the shoes you’ll need in advance. This saves the last-minute stress of finding travel-appropriate shoes, and if they require wearing in, you’ll have time to do so.”


    • We get our new season shoes in at least a few months before that season actually starts, so don’t wait until mid-way through Winter to find your Winter shoes as there’s probably not going to be much stock left!



    “When you come in to try on any closed in shoes, bring your favourite pair of socks to try them on with. You’ll be much more comfortable wearing your own socks, and you’ll know how they feel in the shoes before purchasing them!”



    “When you go travelling, pop a few loose (sealed) strips of band aids underneath the inner sole of your shoes. If you happen to get a blister, you’ll have some ready to go!”



    “After applying polish to your shoes and letting it settle in, run an old stocking across it a few times to buff it up and give it that extra shine – it comes up a treat!”



    “Keep the shoeboxes of your winter boots (or any shoes for that matter), and put tissue paper in the box. At the end of the season, wipe down the boots and stuff them with tissue paper before putting them away. This keeps them looking brand new!”


    “If you have a special occasion (wedding, christening etc) bring in a photo of your outfit to help us find the perfect shoes to complement it!”


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  • The Gentlemen's Guide To Dress Shoes


    In men’s fashion, the importance of footwear with an outfit is often ‘forgotten’, or at least a last-minute decision. Instead of it being just as big a part of gentleman’s attire as their outfit, it seems to be more of an obligation.

    What defines a modern gentleman is the ability to dress to the occasion, and we give you the tips on how to do just that! Never underestimate the statement your appearance has!