It’s all well and good to go and purchase some quality, comfortable shoes, but if you don’t know how to protect and clean them properly, they won’t look good for long!

We share some products we stock at Grundy’s Shoes, to help clean, revive and protect your shoes.

Before using any of these products, it’s best to lay down a towel or newspaper where you’ll be working, to prevent any damage.

Brush any surface dirt and dust off of your shoes, and remove the laces, to prevent them from getting stains or product on them.

El Naturalista SeaCream - $19.95

The El Naturalista SeaCream is made of natural waxes, vegetable oils and algae. It is ideal for reviving the colour and touch of your shoes, while softening and regenerating them at the same time. If your shoes are starting to lose their glow, use some of this and you’ll be pleased with the results!

Please note the original shade, texture and colour of the leather may slightly change due to the moisturising of the leather, and should only be used occasionally.

How to use: First, remove dirt and dust gently using a brush or cloth. Dab the provided sponge into the SeaCream and rub in circular motions, all over the upper of the shoes. Leave to dry naturally.

El Naturalista SeaCream - $19.95


Waproo Suede and Nubuck Nylon Brush - $8.80

This little gadget is one of our favourites, as it’s a versatile rubber and bristled brush, specifically designed to clean suede and nubuck leathers.

How to use:

Bristle side - Use to clean and raise the nap of suede leather
Rubber pile side - Use to clean and raise nap of nubuck leather
Ribbed edge - Use for cleaning hard to reach areas (eg. where shoe upper meets sole)
Round chisel edge - Use to erase marks from suede or nubuck

Waproo Suede and Nubuck Nylon Brush - $8.80


ECCO Care Cream – Transparent & Black - $14.95

This gentle, water-based cream is light enough for daily use, and can be used on all smooth, grained and aniline leathers.

It preserves and restores the colour to leathers, and leaves a protective finish against dirt and stains.

How to use: Using the sponge applicator, rub in circular motions over the shoes to restore and protect the leather.

ECCO Care Cream - Transparent & Black - $14.95

ECCO Universal Waterproofer - $19.95 In Store only

This waterproofer protective spray helps keep shoes clean, dry, and free from stains. It provides an invisible and breathable protective coating, and is suitable for use on smooth leather, suede, nubuck, and fabric.

How to use: Ensure all surface dirt and dust is wiped off with a soft cloth first. Spray 25cm away and leave for 15 mins to dry. Repeat process.


ECCO Universal Waterproofer - $19.95

Waproo Suede and Nubuck Cleaning Block - $12.95

A nifty little rubber cleaning block, used to remove stubborn marks from suede and nubuck leather.

How to use: Rub Waproo’s Cleaning Block over the area to be cleaned, then brush lightly to remove residue.

Waproo Suede & Nubuck Cleaning Block - $12.95

We hope this has helped, and given you some insight into how to care for, and rejuvenate your shoes!


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